Planning for a successful trip requires a little research and a lot of helpful hints from experienced professionals who can tell you what you need to know before you go. From what to pack and how to get a passport, to finding an ATM machine and selecting a fine restaurant overseas, House of Travel's handy list of WWW resource links for travel tips and destination information will ensure you are an educated consumer long before your journey begins.

Free Software for Win9x

Travelling or doing business abroad? Click here to download an easy freeware utility that converts between U.S. and metric units; distance, temperature, volume, time, speed, mass, power, density, pressure, energy and many others, including the ability to create custom conversions! Convert 4.10 is one of the best conversion programs available - the 152 kb download is a compressed ZIP archive. Simply save it to your desktop and then unzip to run ... no installation is required.

Techno Info 

Find out before you go what you will need to operate your modem, broadcast equipment, cell phone and more in foreign countries. Technology guru Steve Kropla offers a complete how-to list for plugs, voltages and dialing codes around the world.

World Wide Phone Guide
Phone Plugs Used Around the World
World Electric Guide
Electric Plugs and Voltages Used Around the World
International Dialing Codes
World Television Guide
Road News
(for the computer-carrying international traveler)

More Travel Resource Links on the Web 

US State Department Passport Services
US Customs Traveler Information
In-flight Safety Page
Current U.S. State Department Travel Advisories
Access-Able Disabled and Mature Travel
International Travel Health Information
Travel Documents
Tourism Offices Worldwide Directory
World Travel Guide
Round-The-World Travel Guide
Altpedia Online
The World Fact Book
The World Wide Holiday and Festival Page
Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection
National Geographic Map Machine
Map On Us
How far is it?
Fun Places for Kids
Universal Currency Converter
Universal CC's Travel Expenses Calculator
Universal CC's Credit Card Charges Calculator
World Weather Forecasts
Times Around the World
Timezone Converter
Current Dates and Times Around the World
AltaVista Translation Service
travlang's Translating Dictionaries
The Travelite FAQ
The Compleat Carry-On Traveler
Travelers Checklist
Magellan's Travel Supplies
Randy's Traveler Shopping & Bargaining Tips
VISA ATM Locator


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