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The Amalfi Coast & The Isle of Capri

 April 22- April 29, 2006

Join us for our annual adventure! Terry Monahan '66, owner of the House Of Travel, will again personally escort this year's tour. This trip promises to be the best yet but space is limited so call today to reserve your space!

Here’s our day by day itinerary:

Day 1 – Saturday - April 22, 2006

USA - Italy. Depart USA for overnight flight to Naples. Dinner is served shortly after take-off. So, sit back and relax and enjoy the in-flight entertainment.

Day 2 – Sunday - April 23, 2006

Morning arrival at Naples Airport where after clearing customs we are greeted by our Tour Manager. Transfer via motorcoach to Sorrento. Afternoon at leisure in beautiful Sorrento.

In the lanes of the old city centre, still untouched have survived churches and ancient monasteries, keepers of valuable memories. Centuries old palaces and Durazzo portals evidence the splendour of the noble families of Sorrento. Via S. Cesareo, the lively "decumanus", is the beating heart of the town, with its many-coloured shops, where tourists from every part of the world crowd. But the real architectonic jewel of the town is the fourteenth century Cloister of San Francesco, with crossed tuff arches of Arabian derivation, where the traditional concerts of the "Estate Musicale Sorrentina" take place.
Sorrento Peninsula has a landscape unique in the world, where low and high hills, deep valleys and majestic mountains alternate, where the Man’s work - who leveled even the most impervious areas, transforming them in the famous terraces degrading towards the sea, on which he cultivated orange and lemon trees, olive groves and vineyards - has been grandiose. These are the delight’s gardens that in springtime exhale a stirring scent of orange - blossom. The mild and dry climate for most part of the year makes Sorrento Peninsula the ideal destination in every season.

We celebrate our first day in Italy together with dinner at our hotel.
The Grand Hotel de la Ville. (or similar ****)

Day 3 – Monday - April 24, 2006

After breakfast at our hotel this morning we visit Pompei.
The ruins of Pompeii are for all who love archaeology and history. The city, once a thriving town for wealthy Romans was completely buried when Mount Vesuvius erupted in 79 A.D. Pompeii is considered the most magnificent and important archaeological site in world. The ruins give a unique view into the lives of ancient Romans. Included are amphitheatres, baths, mosaics, statues, shops, temples, homes, paintings and statues. Visiting the ruins will whisk you back in time to Ancient Rome and a lost civilization.

The Forum of Pompeii seen through the Samnite
portico with Mt. Vesuvius in the distance.
Samnite portico

Afternoon and evening at leisure in Sorrento

Within the ancient walls of the town, between the fragrance of the first blossoming orange groves and the light of the landscape that enchanted the travelers of the Grand Tour, revive monuments, churches, and evidences of an ancient civilization.

Overnight Sorrento.

Day 4 – Tuesday - April 25, 2006

After breakfast we say goodbye to Sorrento and travel to Positano for our ferry to the Isle of Capri.

After enjoying the sights and sounds of Capri we gather together for dinner at our hotel.
La Residenza (or Similar ****)

Day 5 – Wednesday - April 26, 2006

This morning after breakfast we enjoy a boat trip around Capri with afternoon and evening at leisure.

The round trip of the island by boat starts from Marina Grande, from the small jetty crossing the harbor wharf. Traveling west, we flank the beach of Marina Grande and of Bagni di Tiberio. The next stretch of coastline consist of the high calcareous cliff with fissures and grottoes covered by lush, indigenous vegetation.After passing Punta Gradola, we reach the Blue Grotto.

About 200 m. further to the east, below the Cathusian monastery of San Giacomo, we find the Dark Grotto, access to which was obstructed by a landslide, that it the tower guarding the Chartusian monastery in 1808. A little further on, in a small protected inlet, lies the grotto known as the Sailors‘s Hotel, which was used by fishermen as a shelter during sudden storms. After rounding Punta di Tragara with the Faraglioni rocks, we soon arrive at the small harbor of Tragara. The solitary rock on the opposite side is known as the Monacone. Proceeding towards Cala del Fico, in front of Punta Massullo, on which Villa Malaparte stands, and after rounding Cala di Matermania, at the foot of the large amphitheatre covered in greenery, we reach the White Grotto and the Marvelous Grotto. One can be reached from the sea, and the other by steps with a landing stage. They both provide extraordinary light effects due to the reflections of the water on the weird stalactite formations.

Overnight Capri.

Day 6 – Thursday - April 27, 2006

After breakfast we journey back to the mainland to start our day long excursion of the scenic Amalfi Coast. Nowhere do colors shine with such different, clear tones as on the Amalfi Coast, which has always attracted visitors of the greatest prestige. The villages scattered along the coast bewitch every visitor, even the most astute. Here everything becomes symbolic: the earth rich in citrus groves, the sea with the most incredible shades of blue and green, the enchanting beaches, the little islands, the clumps of white, pink and yellow cottages gathered round the tiny harbors. Its charm lies not only in the places themselves but also in their history, which has left important traces in art: here you can find some of the finest churches, villas and monasteries.

Evening at leisure. Overnight Hotel Panarama in Maiori

Day 7 – Friday - April 28, 2006

" After breakfast this morning we take a lovely drive along the coast and on the highway to Caserta.

The monumental complex at Caserta, created by the Bourbon king Charles III in the mid-18th century to rival Versailles and the Royal Palace in Madrid, is exceptional for the way in which it brings together a magnificent palace with its park and gardens, as well as natural woodland, hunting lodges and a silk factory. It is an eloquent expression of the Enlightenment in material form, integrated into, rather than imposed on, its natural setting.

The Reggia di Caserta, designed by Vanvitelli, with its Park and English Garden, was built in the mid 18th century by order of the king of Naples, who wanted it to rival the Palace of Versailles. Vanvitelli, the most famous architect of the period, accepted the challenge, and today it is one of the most visited of Italian monuments, and is an interesting example of a royal residence.
Vanvitelli's genius is evident in the architecture of the imposing complex.

Next we ascend to Mount Cassino and visit the renowned Abbey bombed during the second World War and entirely rebuilt in the same style soon after. The Monte Cassino Monastery was founded by St. Benedict about 529 of the Christian Era on the remnants of a preexisting Roman fortification of the municipium Casinum. The heathen cult was still practiced on this mountain site in the temple of Apollo and in a nearby holy grove to which a sacrifice area was adjoining. Montecassino became famous for the prodigious life and the sepulcher of its Founder. Through the ages, the abbey was looked upon as a place of holiness, culture and art for which it became renowned on world-wide level.

Many additions and embellishments were made during reconstruction so that the abbey acquired the greatness and imposingness it conserved until February 15, 1944, during the final stage of world war II when Montecassino happened to be on the firing line between two armies.

Tonight we enjoy our Farewell Dinner at our hotel.  Overnight Amalfi Coast.

Day 8 – Saturday- April 29th, 2006

After breakfast we start our journey and take with us lasting memories of one of the most beautiful regions of the world. Transfer to Naples airport for our flights to Boston.

per person based on double occupancy. International Air Taxes Additional.

Please contact Tiphany at House Of Travel, Newburyport, 172 State Street, 978-465-4100 for questions and arrangements. 

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