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For the novice cruiser, some cruise terminology can be confusing; we've included a glossary of common terms.

Category - Cabin or Stateroom classification. Some categories are defined by letters, (Category A), some by numbers, (Category 7). What is probably most important to you about a category, is where it is on the ship and if it is an inside or outside cabin.

Inside - A cabin without a view, meaning no window or porthole.

Outside - A cabin with a view, can be a porthole, window or doors that leads to a balcony.

Cruise Only - The airfare to get from here to there is not included in the price.

Guarantee - You are guaranteed a minimum type of cabin, but may not know exactly which cabin until you check in. The upside of this type of pricing is that you may receive a cabin much better than what you paid for, never less. The downside? You just don't know which one and where is will be located.

Run of the Ship - Same as Guarantee.

Port Charges - Taxes charged by the Ports of Call.


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